Types of cybercrime

What is a cyberstalking? That means using a computer or other form of technology to track other people, their activities and their movements without them allowing you to, in order to make them fear, for sexual pleasure or other illegal inducements.Go to passi & patel for more.

Production and distribution of illegal pornography

The Internet technologies in particular enable the production and distribution of child and other types of illegal pornography. This activity is mainly owed to the fact that the Internet guarantees anonymity. These activities of production, downloading, sharing, as well as possessing pornographic materials are illegal, and punishable. The distribution is often made through the use of a software for data transmission, as well as communication via an internet software.


The term cyber terrorism applies to all acts that combine forms of terrorism and cyberspace. Cyber ​​terrorism has two important characteristics: 1. They are illegal attacks and threats of attacks on computers, network and information, they are threats on government and humans, in order to achieve certain political or socially objective and 2. Attack the resulting violence against persons or property, in order to cause fear.

Rights of intellectual property

Violation of the rights of intellectual property as a form of computer crime exists when information and computer technology is used as a means. Criminalization of these things, is illegal and punishable.

Digital piracy

The criminalization on the digital piracy is especially important as a form of violation of copyright and related rights, a phenomenon that causes huge material losses. The digital piracy is often defined as illegal reproductions of the works which pertinent that belong to someone else, in order to use them for free or to present it as their own intellectual work.

International legal sources

Convention on cybercrime of the Council of Europe

Although previously it did not include attempts to define the tangible norms that regulate the international legal cooperation, however, the Convention after its comprehensiveness flexibility and opportunity for easy incorporation into national legislation was originally applied for countries in Europe, and has become recognizable mechanism for easy communication between States from around the world.

The Convention contains substantive and procedural norms and standards for International Cooperation. The provisions in the area of ​​substantive law apply to illicit access, the decline in the data, the decline in the system, abuse of offices, falsification related to computer fraud, work related to child pornography, work-related injuries and author rights.

Convention on cybercrime is a continuation of the Convention on the protection of personal rights in the automated process of processing of personal data with amendments. There are also: The Additional Protocol authorized the flow of personal data outside of the country where the person lives. Supplementary Protocol to the Convention on cybercrime for protection of racism and xenophobia. The Convention for the protection of children from sexual exploitation and sexual abuse.

Types of cybercriminal:

Misuse of personal data

The prevention of access to the public information system

Violation of the copyrights and related rights

Violation of the right to the distributor

Piracy on a phonogram, displays of pornographic material to a child

Production and distribution of child pornography

Forcing someone to sexual intercourse or other sexual

Creating and using of computer viruses

Computer fraud

Preparation and use of false ID cards


How to select a Canadian Immigration lawyer?

Some people are knowledgeable enough to do their own paperwork when applying for immigration process. Unfortunately, some think they are more than capable of doing their own paperwork and end up doing some sort of mistakes, which could lead to refusal of the application. To be one the safe side, it is always suggestible to approach a person who knows Toronto immigration law with a great detail. In most cases it would be an immigration lawyer; however, all the lawyers are not the same. It can take months to find the right lawyer as there are a lot of factors that ought to fit together to make a lawyer the right choice. Further, hiring such incredible lawyer would ensure that the success rate would go high sky even in the most difficult of situations. Here are some tips which would help in finding the right lawyer for the right case:

  • References – The first thing an individual has to look out for is finding whether any relatives or friends were in the same situation and know any lawyer who could help. It is the best way to know about reliable lawyers with great expertise. One such most referred firm is Y Canada immigration Toronto, where the lawyers have many years of experience in immigration cases and are specialized to deal with such cases.


  • Associations – Some law firms are independent and don’t have any association with certified lawyers association panels. They can be easily neglected as they don’t have any documented proof of being experienced or professional. Therefore, always search for a Canadian immigration law firm in Toronto with associations to panels as it would increase your stance during the appeal also.


  • Credentials – The success rate and qualifications of an immigration lawyer is very important as that indicates the concerned lawyer is very well versed with the Toronto immigration law and all the strategies that can be used to ensure the application or appeal will turn out to be successful. Check whether the lawyer is properly licensed and this information is given at any state bar near you. In addition, check about the disciplinary actions taken against the lawyer, with the lowest being the best attribute for a good immigration lawyer.


  • Interview – Prepare a shortlist of all the lawyers available with the mentioned credentials and characteristics. You can either contact them personally or have a conversation through the phone to understand their affinity with similar cases. It is important to ask a lot of questions during the conversation as that could lead to the understanding of the lawyer about the immigration law.


  • Fee – Finally, select the right lawyer who is a professional and offers his/her services at the right price. A good Canadian immigration law firm in Toronto would never charge their clients an extra penny and the quality of the lawyer can be known through this factor also. Make sure the estimation given by the firm covers all the charges and there are no hidden charges which will be levied on you after the completion of the case.

Keep in mind all these aspects before writing an application (as an immigration lawyer could help you) or hiring an immigration lawyer (as the right one will enhance success rate). With a good immigration lawyer by your side, there is every chance that the application or appeal will come out favorable to you.

5 Tips to Find the Best Ottawa Granite Countertops Dealer

Finding a reliable Ottawa granite dealer can be challenging for you if you are finding for the finest manufacturers and dealers of the stone countertops for the first time. Here, we will be providing you some viable tips that will help you to scan the best dealers of the natural stone surfaces for your kitchen and bathrooms.

You have to show patience during the search process. You can trust your builder blindly for references. Otherwise, you can follow the subsequent pointers that will guide you through the process of getting in touch with the best dealer of granite countertop in Ottawa.

Online Search—

You can find anything in the internet these days. You can also search the local dealers well-known for delivering the branded granite surfaces to their customers. Companies like Capital Stoneworks Granite etc are reliable ones and they only promise you authentic and branded items that will be chosen by you.

Visit a couple of top-ranked websites and read out the products and services the companies are selling. From there, you can learn widely about the types of surfaces and also more about the granite Ottawa countertops.
Talk to the dealers—

While shortlisting the dealers, you can have a quick chat with the representatives if they have such facilities. Otherwise, you can call them up and arrange a face-to-face meeting. While you meet them, ask some important questions such as –

  1. Which Ottawa granite surfaces are now ruling the markets?
  2. Why is it different from others?
  3. What is their experience so far?
  4. How efficient are their workers?
  5. What will be the estimate of the total costs for installing the granite slab? Etc

If you are happy with all the answers, you can move forward to sign up with the accomplished dealer.

Check the Reviews—

Another important thing that you can do before making the final deal is to check the reviews of the old clients of the dealers. If they are strongly in the online business, you can conveniently get the list of reviews. Alongside, check a couple of testimonials as well before installing the granite countertop in Ottawa.

From a few reviews, you can get the picture of the dealers’ behavior and honesty. If you are convinced by the reviews and consider that to be real- you can move along with the deal and sign up with the dealers. But if you think that people are not that satisfied with their work, go to the next option and find out the reviews of another dealer.

Seek Reference—

If by chance any of your friends or relatives can help you by recommending reputed granite countertops dealers that are going to reduce half of your job. You can conveniently hire the manufacturer as if your friend is happy with their job.

Compare the costs—

Before finally entering the deal, make sure that you are investing to the right service provider. That’s why do compare the quotations of the numbers of companies you have chosen to install the granite Ottawa.

Try these tips before bestowing the responsibility of to any countertop dealer.

Select great handyman services for saving time and energy

If you live in a bigger town or city, there can be various neighborhood focus handyman services to browse. The nature of work and of the client administration they convey at last comes down to the person who is in your house, be that individual a worker, accomplice in a jack of all trades administration, or a solitary handyman. Be that as it may, there are contrasts you can foresee in the numerous sorts of handyman organizations out there. We should consider the feasible applicants you will keep running into.

There are numerous handyman establishments that an entrepreneur can purchase. The best of these establishments are bigger handyman organizations with loads of shiny promotions, trucks or vans with full-body illustrations, and can have numerous representatives.

This makes the occupation less demanding than beginning a business without any preparation, especially in a field which they may not be that acquainted with. The drawback for them is they should pay for these extravagant accessories, pretty much as with any establishment. This abandons them with a great deal of overhead and a little overall revenue. In developing their organization and utilizing more specialists they begin to profit, however the allurement is there to charge a great deal for any home repairs.

The point of preference to utilizing substantial franchised home repair administrations is they are liable to have the capacity to get to your venture rapidly, in the event that they have various workers. This can be a major ordeal in the event that you have a crisis repair to be taken care of and relatives coming in for a visit.

Discover who the best folks are. Not all handyman are made equivalent, and with any given handyman administration they will have several three folks who are first class skilled worker, the rest will be normal to great, and maybe a couple who you’d generally as soon not have in your home. This is a sweeping statement obviously, however is truly predictable with numerous development, property support or home repair organizations. A couple of speedy inquiries will let you know who their best folks are, and when you can get them booked to do your home repair. In the event that those folks are reserved, then it defeats the reason for running with a bigger, multi-worker jack of all trades administration.

The following choice you will discover is the littler organization developed without any preparation with the proprietor doing a great deal of the work, or with perhaps maybe a couple specialists. Then again this might be the proprietor and a partner. The point of preference to you here is there is a more prominent feeling of responsibility with these littler home cleaning administrations. In the event that there is an issue you won’t get ‘lost in the general commotion’ in getting things took care of agreeable to you. This might be as straightforward as a brisk discussion to dispel any confusion air about any perplexities, however with a bigger organization even this can transform into a difficulty.

Ideas on how to decorate a teens room

Teens are very complex creatures. We can all agree on that. They require a lot of attention and dedication. If you do one wrong thing, they will hate you forever. So you need to be very careful with them. When it comes to decorating their room, Furniture Express Toronto has some wonderful ideas on how to decorate a teens room. It can be tough, but it is worth trying. Doing something nice for teens will make them like you more. If you are not sure how to decorate the room, but you want to do it, keep reading till the end and you will make their room magical.

They educate themselves, make decisions, become individuals and try to express themselves. And therefore, for some parents it is very difficult to decide how to decorate the room in which teenagers spend most of their time, studying, hanging out with friends, listening to music and many other things. So that room should be appropriate for all those things. Challenging huh? Yes, it is but you need to do it for the sake of your child.

Gone are the days of child gentle decor, from teddy bears or wallpaper with elephants. But teens are not quite ready for crystal chandeliers, too. The transition of decoration can be a challenge, but not insurmountable. In fact, with a little guidance, decorating teenage bedroom offers a rare opportunity to fit all aspects of life.

  1. Use bold color combinations.
  2. Go with splendor.
  3. Let one thing to be eccentric.
  4. Provide plenty of shelving.
  5. Select bold geometric patterns.
  6. Put some wall decor.
  7. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity.
  8. Use bright colors.
  9. Use the black accents.
  10. Incorporate cheerful details.
  11. Use wallpaper.
  12. Take advantage of the “fifth wall” (ceiling).
  13. Use mixed patterns.
  14. Create a place for socializing.
  15. Select teenage-friendly artwork.
  16. Incorporate workspace.
  17. Place strategic lighting.
  18. Use luxury textiles.
  19. Insert intuitive storage space.
  20. Decorate with plants and flowers.
  21. Add a youthful twist with sophisticated elements.
  22. Decorate according to interests.
  23. Select a unique element.
  24. Be creative to create the right atmosphere for your teen.
  25. Keep nonchalance and make sure it fits into their everyday life.

But if you are not sure that your teen will like these ideas, tell them about your plans and ask them to participate in the process. This will make them so happy. Teens get pretty excited when it comes to decorating and putting new things in their room. This will bring you closer and your kid will love you and consider you as a cool parent. Don’t you want that? Of course you do. So start creating a plan for your teens room and start working. Maybe a surprise will be better. You probably know what your kid likes so make sure they get that.

Advice from real estate lawyer

Real estate lawyers are knowledgeable people who can help you solve your real estate issues. Lawrence Weltman wills lawyer has many years of experience with different types of disputes.There are thousands and thousands of people who have legal problems with their properties and don’t have the possibility to start building their dream home. This can happen because of many different reasons. Some of them are:

  • Problems with the neighbors
  • Problems with the documentation of the property
  • Problems with siblings

These are some of the problems that may appear when someone wants to start with the building of a home. When a property is divided to siblings they may encounter problems in the future. If one of them wants to build a certain building the other person may not like the idea of it because it will ruin the view they have from their building. These is one way that siblings often start a dispute which can take a lot of time to be solved. These things usually don’t end up well because one of the parties always get disappointed. If you have a problem of this kind, it is time to call a real estate lawyer who will give you legal advice about your new plans. The lawyer will tell you everything about your rights as well as what is the right thing to do in such situations.

Another problem that people encounter is the neighbors. They do not have any legal right of your property but they do have a right to object if you want to build a house near theirs. They have a right to start a dispute and even sue you if you are doing something illegal. This is why it is always good to stay in perfect relationship with your neighbors because they can bring you a lot of trouble. So, if your neighbors are doing something illegal you have a right to hire a real estate lawyer to represent you. The court will make them stop and pay for what they were doing.

Buying a property is a complex process that requires people to be very careful. Before signing a contract one must be very careful and make sure that everything about that property is legal and every document is in order. If not, this will bring you many problems in the future especially if you want to build something on that property.

Having a help from a real estate lawyer is an important step that every owner must take. People do not know how important this is which is why they often neglect it. Even if you don’t have any problems, just a small conversation about your legal rights of the property will be very beneficial. So one day if you are planning to do something with that property, you will know what is right and what is wrong.

What is punishment and how to understand it?!

There is a punishment for every crime that was committed. But do people know their rights? Not entirely. thebestdefence.cais a place where you can find everything you were looking for and gets the best help from knowledgeable lawyers. The penalty should be considered as an obstacle for people who have done terrible crimes but still have faith to become better persons and admit that what they have done is wrong, so there must be punishment for the sake of it. But it should also be considered that crimes were committed by people who are mentally ill, so institutions must take care of the.


Also, the sentence should not be considered as a revenge to the criminal who committed the crime. If someone you know has suffered from something and you do not want the person who did the crime to get loose and do more crimes, then you will probably want revenge, which is wrong. The punishment is not a revenge, it is a lesson, for the person to learn to behave normally. Because seeking for a revenge would not be so good, because then you might do something as awful as the person you want to receive the revenge, and you should be better than that and teach them a lesson.
The death penalty is too harsh as a punishment. The people who committed an offense may not even have a chance to mend their ways, and moreover, sometimes even deathdoes not help.
There is even the risk that an innocent person can be sentenced to death.
There are so many terrific ways to take someone’s life too. Just think of the electric chair! How awful is that? That one can just kill someone like that. It is a scandal!
Other than that there are other types of punishments that are too harsh such as life imprisonment, which means that the person will stay in prison their whole life. And it is not like in the movies, where the prisons are actually comfortable, but you really get to sit in jail until they die.

It’s almost the same thing. The death penalty and life imprisonment if you still would die in prison. While in prison, people can do something, to write a book for example, if you are sitting in jail family and friends should also be allowed to come and visit the imprisoned person.
If someone commits a certain crime, does that person deserve to die, or do we need to teach them a lesson? You know, everything you do, always come back eventually, so do good and good will come to you.

If you are one of the many people who are looking for a help from a defense lawyer, ask for it and hire a professional. But if you know someone who needs help the best you can do is schedule an appointment with a lawyer and ask for some advice. Knowledgeable and professional people always know better.

Can a patient relax during sedation dentistry in Toronto?

Some people afraid about dental treatments and they didn’t consult a doctor if they are suffering with dental problems. If you fall under this category, don’t worry. You can contact www.drcopp.ca for painless dental treatments.

There are many patients who are afraid to visit dentistry for a small reason. To overcome this problem the dentists use sedation in dental procedures. Sedation Dentistry uses medication to help patients to relax during dental procedures. It may help to take away phobia of the patients. Sedation Dentistry referred as dentistry asleep. But you will not sleep during the dental procedures. Patients are awake during the dental procedures except the people who are under anesthesia. It is the one of the best cure for phobia patients.

Sedation Dentistry Toronto offers many dental services and there are many levels of sedation used in dentistry practices. They are,


  • General anesthesia
  • Minimal sedation
  • Deep Sedation
  • Moderate Sedation


Minimal sedation will keep you awake during dental procedures. Moderate sedation is also known as conscious sedation which helps you to bit conscious during dental procedures, but you did not remember what had happen during the procedure. In Deep sedation, you are awake to a certain degree. In General anesthesia, you are totally unconscious during dental procedures.


Oral dentistry is other type in sedation dentistry. In this type, the dentist will give you Halcion pill which is similar to valium. The pill is taken about one hour before the dental procedure. This pill will make you sleepy but you will be awake during the dental procedure. The dosage of sedation received should be depending upon the severity of your dental condition.


The other type of dentistry is IV moderation sedation. In this type, the dentist gives a drug through a vein. The amount of drug is depends on the severity of the dental condition. This method is faster than a pill. The other type of sedation is deep sedation or general anesthesia. You will be totally unconscious during the procedure.


The above sedation methods are commonly used in dental Sedation in Toronto. You will still require a numbing medication to get rid of your mouth pain. Sedation dentistry will take control of patient’s anxiety when they meeting up with a dentistry. Patients who are having sensitive teeth and who need to complete large amount of dental work are also considered as eligible for this method.

The dental sedation in Toronto couldn’t have any side effects because of the safety measures taken before administering the sedative. Anesthesia could be risky for certain patients. People who are obese and who are suffering from sleep apnea should inform their dentist before taking the sedation methods. These types of patients may affect complications during anesthesia. However, sedation dentistry Toronto makes their best efforts to calculate the amount of anesthetic agents required for a specific patient and the complexity he/she is facing so that there are no side effects or harmful reactions possible. The dentist should be well experienced in giving anesthesia during dental procedures.