5 Blocks Only Taekwondo Can Teach You

Taekwondo is a sport, a martial art and a way of life. It teaches patience, calmness and resistance against evil. There are plenty of situations which require you to prepare yourself for defending yourself. Among many martial arts sports, taekwondo is by far the best method that offers comprehensive manual for defending and attacking the opponent.

Although, it is a self-defence technique, some of the strikes are so lethal that they can literally kill an opponent. So, these strikes are banned in taekwondo competitions and the students are restricted not to practice them without safety precautions.

To get the best of taekwondo, better teach this technique to kids, so that they can practice harder and reach more difficult stages as they grow up. This is the reason why Taekwondo Vaughanoffer classes for children. You can enlist your kids to learn taekwondo Toronto at early school-going age. Following are some common ways to save yourself from unanticipated strikes.

1. Single Forearm Block

This way of defence is also known as Wae Sun Palmok. It is used to deflect a kick (in general). This is the most common way as well in which the leading hand, starting from the opposite shoulder, is projected down and across the body to block the kick with the forearm.

2. Knife Hand Block
In this blocking technique, you should keep your hand in a knife hand position and block the strikes on torso. The front arm should sweep down like an arc starting from the inside of the body towards outside. At the same time, pull the back hand to the back hip and be ready for counter punch. In this way you can not only avoid a punch or a kick, you will be able to strike back and score the point.

1. Rising Block
This technique is regarded as ChookyaMakgi. It is another basic Taekwondo block which is used to defend against attacks on shoulders and head. In this technique you need to bend you arm and raise it above your head. Use the underside of the forearm to absorb the impact, which is normally a bit painful. In this way, you can defend yourself against hammer fist strikes.

4. Low Block
It is called NajundiMakgi. As a basic Taekwondo block, this is the first thingtaught in taekwondo schools downtown Toronto, to the kids. In this technique, you can block attacks to legs or torso.You can defend low kicks with the help of forearm bent and raised to around shoulder height, and snap it down straight with the palm facing the ground.

5. Palm Block
Palm Block in native term is known as SonbadakNaeryoMakgi. You can use this technique to defend against punches and kicks. Raise the open hand to shoulder height then thrust it down to meet the limb of attacker. If it’s a punch, your hand-heel should make contact with attacker’s forearm. If it’s a kick, you should make contact with the shin.