Cart Seat for Babies – What to Consider

Cart seat is one of the most important equipment you buy when you have a baby. Your baby comes from the hospital in this very cart seat and travels around for early few years of his or her life in a cart seat only. Safety, naturally, is the biggest concern for parents when buying a cart seat for their baby. If you are looking for a baby store in Toronto, you can find great baby cart seats on Apple babies store Toronto. Apple babies is a baby specialty store in Toronto that keeps your baby’s safety its first priority.

With careful consideration and some tips you can find your baby the perfect cart seat. Here are 6 tips to get you started:
1. Infant Seat V/S Convertible Seat
There are two kinds of cart seats for new born infants. One is a rear facing cart seat and the other is a convertible. The latter is a rear facing cart seat but can be later converted into a front facing. This makes it useable for even when your baby becomes a toddler. It is also a very safe option. But the only problem with a convertible seat is that you cannot take it out like an infant cart seat. You most probably will wake the baby in the process that is why many parents choose to go for the infant seat even though convertible can save them money.
2.Seat Plus Stroller
A travel system can be a good way to avoid extra cost for the cart seat. It is basically a stroller that also has a cart seat. These are sold together for fewer prices.
3.Safety Compliance
Safety is the first priority for all parents. Most of the cart seats in the market now are tested and approved in accordance with the required safety standard. You will find a JPMA stamp on the packing of the seat. Since the safety feature is continuously improved, it would be best to buy the latest cart seat available.
Straps are really necessary for baby, especially when you’re taking him in the car. According to Apple Baby Shop, cart seat should have a five point harness. There should be two straps for shoulders, two waist straps and one between the legs.
Check the straps of the cart seat if they are easily adjustable. You should check this when buying the cart seat. If it is too tight, it might not be able to accommodate your baby when he grows. The straps should not have to be rethreaded. But nowadays, the cart seats come with adjustable straps that either have handles at the back of the seat or a cord between the legs of the baby.
It may seem easier installing a cart seat but it is recommended that you follow proper instructions. You can also find numerous videos on YouTube in this regard. Once you have installed successfully the cart seat, you can have a professional check it or someone who has had kids before.