Halal Certification and the benefits surrounding the food products

Halal is the word that is storming the food industry all over the world. Many consumers are demanding to have halal products and are abandoning brands that are not providing such products. Many companies have indeed started to produce products with halal certification Canada and these products are considered as the finest that come to the market. Let’s know about what halal is and why it is considered as the standard for highest quality.

Definition of Halal

The word Halal originated in the Arabic language and it literally means “permitted” or “lawful”. It applies to many fields and practices as found in the Holy Book of Muslims – The Quran. When it comes to food products, there are certain dietary standards that food has to fulfil without any alterations. According to a halal certification agency, halal food can be described with the following characteristics.

• In Islamic Holy Text, there are many components that are prohibited for eating. Any food devoid of such components completely can be considered as halal food.

• The utensils or machinery or equipment or the combination of these should be cleansed as mentioned in Quran. This applies to small scale production of large scale manufacturing. Processed food, manufactured food products, homemade food, etc. should be made on the equipment following the cleansing methods of Islam.

Prohibited Foods or Components
The halal certification services follow strict protocol while evaluating food products that come under scrutiny. There are many foods or components that are prohibited and the list follows: alcohol, intoxicants, enzymes, non-halal gelatine, fat of non-halal animals, pork, lipase, lard, meat broth of unspecified nature, rennet, stock, tallow from non-halal animals, carnivorous animals, contaminated food, etc. All these are not allowed to be present in the food products and not even minor traces are not allowed.

Global Demand and scope
The specifications and restrictions may seem very difficult for the liking of food manufacturers; but, there are many benefits of getting the halal label from halal certification Canada.
• There is a great demand for halal food in EU, USA, Middle East, Central Asia, Asia Pacific, etc. and most of the major food brands do not have a halal label. Hence, they are losing out business on the majorly populated areas in the world.

• Devoid of religion, people are looking to buy halal products and having a halal logo will bring great authority to a food brand.
• It is estimated that companies with halal logo have reached to as much as 200% of profit in the recent years.

• Having halal logo means getting closer to the Muslims all over the world. This means that 25% of the world’s population would show interest in the food products. Further, the logo would help more sales in Islamic countries.
• The customer will have hygienic food and can be assured of purity.
• The global food standards will improve as no method is stricter than halal when it comes to processing and evaluating food products.

All these factors have made globally important and all the multinational companies are approaching halal certification servicesto get certified.

10 Money-Saving Hacks on Plumbing

In constructing new home or renovating an old one, plumbing is one important thing you should always keep in mind. Other tasks, like interiors, electrical wiring, painting and flooring do have importance, but plumbing is something that’s directly related to your basic needs.
• Water for cooking
• Water for bathing
• Water for cleaning
• Water for drinking
• Drainage cleaning
• Disposing wastes and more

Besides this, it also keeps your home atmosphere safe (good plumbing that is). Just hire an ordinary plumber and you’ll end up repairing leakages in walls and removing water seepages – costly business, isn’t it? Imagine how important plumbing is. This is why plumbing services come expensive.

Places like Mississauga are stuffed with home buyers and sellers and the home industry is quite active in this region. There are plenty of emergency plumbers in Mississauga to take care of small issues at cheap rates.

No matter what kind of problem you have, such as:
• Drain cleaning
• Installation of fixtures
• Replacing your water pipeline
• Re-modeling your bathroom and kitchen

You can avoid wasting your time by calling Precise main water and save some money. But you cannot get such services outside Mississauga. Everyone is not the same, you know that.

However, following ways can help you save money on plumbing repair:
Before you call a plumbing service Mississauga
1. Compare hourly rates: the easiest way to do that is to search at least 10 local plumbing websites and have an idea about the rates. It’s important to know how they charge, because their calculation can be different from each other. It will also help you find opportunities to save money.
2. Make a to-do list for plumbers: It can be a daunting task, but it helps when you want to save money. Just give the list and put them on the job straightaway.
3. One call for multiple issues: You can find the company that offers multiple services.
4. Install your own fixtures: Instead of depending upon the plumbers to install their own fixtures, buy some good ones and save your money.
5. Prefer experience and skill: Cheap hourly rate means less experience, which implies to more time. Furthermore, there is a risk of incorrect installations that requires second plumbing.
DIY preventive tips
6. Avoid drain issues by using drain cleaning products periodically. If not, use hot boiled water to keep your lines free from grease buildup.
7. Don’t drain food and organic matter.
8. During cold weather, always make sure that your exterior fixtures and faucets are shut off properly.
Few more money-saving ideas
9. Always search for tips to maintain your plumbing system. Ask plumbers how you can avoid frozen pipes, clogs, slow drain and other problems.
10. Even is you don’t need repair service, you can call a professional plumber to properly inspect your pipelines and drain system, at least once every year.
Just like you take care of your health, car, room, and important parts of your home, give plumbing the same importance. Otherwise, you may need to spend a large some of money to remove the chain of problems.