What Type of Wedding Dress to Choose

http://www.fusion-events.ca/There is nothing better than your wedding dress reflecting your character and personal style. By choosing a bridal dress in which you feel yourself, you are guaranteed maximum comfort and more relaxation on the wedding day. Therefore, it is advisable to trust your established fashion sensation and match the wedding dress with the features of your character. Fusion Events wedding planner has selected five types of beautiful dresses that fit brides of different temperament and fashion sense. So, we start romantically… Your character: Romantic

We start with classics – the romantic girl that has dreamed of her wedding day for ever since she was a little girl. Romance is often a supporter of classical forms and traditions. In her everyday life, she prefers to rely on tested successful fashion solutions, mostly in a classic style. On her wedding day she dreams of feeling like a real wedding fairy tale in which she takes the lead role – the princess. For this type of brides, the A-line dresses and the princess dresses are the most suitable, featuring stylish classic details and fabrics – lace, tulle, satin and decorative stones.
Your Character: Free Spirit
You are not the bride that aspires to fit into standard notions. In everyday life you put on a special individualism in the clothing that stands out in a really stylish way. Your wedding vision combines the Bohemian sensation with a light vintage breath, making you a casually beautiful and refined bride. For this purpose, it is advisable to choose a light gown on the body that does not have many layers and details. This way the dress will highlight your femininity and charm, but without unnecessary pretense.
Your character: Confident fashionable wild
There are women who live for fashion. And you are one of them. You know the latest trends, but do not follow them blindly, and on the basis of your rich knowledge of fashion you manage to create unique visions after which all turn. You can say that you are a kind of contemporary Carrie Bradshaw. As you already know, your wedding dress will not make an exception. It must be worthy of a true fashion icon. With your inherent courage and confidence, you can bet on a two-part bridal dress, a model with a spectacular naked back or even the so popular wedding overalls that are gaining strength this season.
Your character: Courageous nature
A bold bride does not have to be a guru, but she definitely likes to improvise and shock others. These ladies dress brightly and noticeably in everyday life, having a clear affinity for non-standard shapes and brilliant colors. On the wedding day you can bet on a bridal dress in a breathtaking silhouette and color. The pale soft shades are more than just for your dream dress. Wedding dresses with many veils and overlays fit perfectly to the brave brides. Eye-catching accessories are also a great alternative – bulky ribbons and brooches.
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