How to Choose a Good Materials for Your Home

With the emergence of the term ‘diseases of modern society’, nobody questions the impact of the environment and the dynamics of life on our health. Awareness of healthy eating and healthy habits has been permanently altered. But when it comes to how much our environment affects our health, it seems that we are slowly developing our consciousness. will give you a detailed explanation about the quality of walls.
So today, here and there with coffee, you can hear a story about the radioactivity of concrete or different researches on similar topics. However, when you are honestly wondering, none of us has a clear idea of what proportion of harmful effects are involved. And what does that really mean for us?
When designing a building, it starts from the purpose of the facility that needs to meet certain needs. The material with which we build must fulfill the projected standards: energy efficiency, fire protection, thermal insulation, and of course there are no harmful effects on people and the environment. The material that is considered to be of high quality and which meets the high world standards in construction is not really that expensive. It is made from natural raw materials: quartz sand, cement, lime and gypsum, making it ecological building material and providing healthy living.
In addition to its strength, it is very important for building materials to have good vapor permeability, which prevents the appearance of condensation on the walls and the creation of moisture. Thus, the walls can “breathe unharmed”, which mechanically protects the building and prolongs its lifetime, and a healthy microclimate is established.
A certain dose of” radiation “is normal, because everything in the air radiates. When we talk about building materials, there are certain regulations on the permissible level of radiation because no harmful radiation for human health can be allowed. There are so many building companies that meet all standards, as it depends largely on the volume and weight of the material. The material is lighter, and the natural dose of radiation is lower. For example, the percentage of natural radioactivity is 3.5 times smaller than bricks, as it is about the same time as lighter than it. In the production process, there is no baking, so it gives it an advantage over other building materials.
As a pure mineral construction material concrete is indelible and offers superior fire protection, and it also has a high earthquake resistance, which in today’s conditions of construction is an extremely important feature.
What extraordinarily high – quality material is, the fact that the modern concrete has been used for a lifetime. So, make sure you do a good research before choosing elements for your new or old home, regardless of whether it is walls, floors or windows.
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